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What do OEM engineers want get from suppliers. Surprisingly, beyond the number one response of "Quality," the results revealed that dissatisfaction with suppliers with respect to "On-Time Delivery" is a central concern, not be overlooked. As a professional supplier, Oriens Technology Co., Ltd. tracks on-time delivery as a key indicator of our own performance. Perfect management team monitors it closely in order to provide customers with the service and security it expects and to eliminate the hidden costs associated with late delivery. On-time delivery should be evaluated as a key factor with huge risk and potential expenses by each customer. While a buyer may get high marks for finding the lowest price for a piece part, the true cost to their company may be higher than any potential savings obtained. The lowest priced vendor may not be providing consistent on-time delivery, consequentlycosting more in the long run. Line shutdowns, missed launch dates, the inability to manufacture product, unearned paid labor costs, and lost profits add up quickly when a part is not received on the date promised. With that, any savings gained by buying a part for a few cents less at the front end are quickly lost. Therefore, all factors, including price, quality, and delivery, need to be considered when making a sourcing decision. Oriens Technology Co., Ltd. is proud of our 99.87% on-time delivery performance. Even with the unanticipated changes associated with raw material shortages, schedule fluctuations, weather-related delivery delays, etc., we are able to anticipate our customers' needs and build to ever-changing schedules. We work for our customer and plan in anticipation of their needs, often before they do. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors, a factor that often can't be measured simply in dollars and cents. It's the security and reliability that our customers reply upon. On-time delivery is just one of the many ways "Oriens Technology Co., Ltd." is, well, the best choice. Our customers often call it "The Perfection Advantage".

Business Type:Trading Company
Year Established:2009
Total Employees:11-50
Export Percentage:91% - 100%
Total Annual Revenue:US$300 million-US$350 million

Location: Beijing

Address: 1010#, No. 2 Building of Taihua Longqi Square, Huangping Road, Changping District, 100096, Beijing